About Us

150 Grappling is a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to training with you.

Coach Logan of 150 Grappling talking to another training partner after training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
150 Grappling Coach Logan recieving his Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Professor Andre Galvao in San Diego.

Logan Yox

Head Coach / Founder

Logan’s grappling experience started during his freshman year of high school when he started wrestling. He finished his senior year as a state finalist, with over 100 career wins. Wrestling lead him to McDaniel College where he wrestled for five years while battling injuries and working on a Masters degree in Strength and Conditioning. Logan has one of the top win records in McDaniel’s wrestling history. After college, he started training in jiu-jitsu while coaching wrestling at both Westminster High School (as an assistant coach) and at Liberty High School (as head coach). In 2018, he moved to San Diego, California, in search of a highly competitive jiu-jitsu environment. Logan found what he was looking for at Atos HQ. Under Andre Galvao, a living legend in the jiu-jitsu community, he did nothing but train jiu-jitsu with world class competitors, sharpening his skills and pushing himself to the limit. After two and a half years, in November of 2020, Logan received his brown belt under Professor Galvao. Logan returned to Maryland, carrying all of his knowledge home, and established 150 Grappling to share his passion with others.

He would be remiss in not adding that he is also a Captain in the United States Army National Guard with the Military Police. His time serving has greatly influenced his leadership style and has provided him with a wealth of experiences which have helped mold him into the coach that he is today.

Matthew Malone

Coach / Founder

Matt’s story is different than Logan’s. He did not start training in a grappling sport until he signed up to train in jiu-jitsu at age 42 with his children (who were 5 and 8 at the time). 8 plus years later, he has progressed through the constraints of age and injury and done things that he is extremely proud of that demonstrate that 150 Grappling’s methods work. Most recently, in 2020, training out of a garage and basement during a pandemic (with guidance from Logan in California and friends in-state), He medaled at the Masters Pans in gi and in no-gi. He is also is a Pans Master Finalist in 21 and 22, where on the Podium he received his Brown Belt from Professor Andre Galvao

150 Grappling is the culmination of years of conversation and planning between Logan and Matt. Logan brings the grappling pedigree and the military leadership chops and Matt brings a host of different attributes: he is a dad; he has coached children and adults in lacrosse, jiu-jitsu, and other sports for close to a decade. He has created and run small businesses. Perhaps most critically, He is not the young athlete who succeed in grappling by virtue of being a young athlete. He is the 50 year old guy who is walking proof that this stuff works. Jiu-jitsu has changed every aspect of his life– physical, mental, and emotional– for the better. Matt wants to share that, and this is why 150 Grappling exists.

Logan and Matt can’t wait to work with you and help you establish your own path forward and goals.

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